Housing Crises

The solution to unaffordable rent (like in SFO / LA / NYC) is NOT: — Govt controlling rent prices for landlords, or — Govt subsidising rent for renters/housing vouchers.

Unaffordable rent is created by the govt in the first place because of unsustainable zoning laws. This restricts people to build fewer homes which cannot keep up with the current and future demand and this is why we see a sharp increase in the rent costs.

We do not solve unaffordable rent by having more regulation BUT to deregulate, repeal those zoning laws, and let the free market take over, which will enable a lot more private citizens to build more homes.


When you’re financially free.

There are two types of freedom in this world. One is financial and the other is societal. You need to accomplish both of them to a certain degree to be truly free. We’ll talk about financial freedom in this post and talk about societal freedom in my next post.

Financial Freedom

Being financially free basically means if you stop working today, you can maintain your current lifestyle. It means you can work on whatever you like, whenever you like or even have the freedom to not work at all. You have the freedom to spend your time in any way you desire. You can travel, work from anywhere you want, spend time on your hobby, your passion or even spend it on building a business that you have always desired. More importantly, you have time to focus on kids, your spouse and be at home … Read more


70% tax on millionaires?

70% tax on millionaires? They’ll just end up creating companies and stashing wealth in them to avoid tax because corporate tax is much much lower (~20%).

Then you end up increasing corporate tax too which incentivises corporations to have offshore operations and stash their cash offshore, hurting national economy and job growth in the long run.

The intention behind increasing taxes on millionaires is to increase tax revenue and to support programs like free healthcare and education. If increasing tax revenues is your goal, that can be achieved by other means as well.

Your goal should not be to increase tax revenue, but to create and grow long term wealth and be competitive with global markets on taxation of that wealth. Growth on wealth is directly proportional to growth in tax revenues. More wealth you have more tax revenues you have.

One of the ways to create wealth is to … Read more


Life | A thought experiment.

If you look at what life is from around the world, It basically boils down to atoms which interacts with each other to form molecules and chemical reactions. In-fact all life on earth , all of us — are just a bag of chemical reactions walking around. If that’s the case, then my argument would be, if life is full of chemistry and if we call complex chemistry — “biology”, then why can’t I call a chemical reaction in my lab — Life?

On the surface, it’s easy to differentiate between living and non living systems. Most people would say, life is conscious. Its animate. It reproduces and makes copies of itself.

But, if you call only conscious organisms as “living” then certainly bacteria, and a whole lot of microbes wouldn’t fit into that definition. They don’t have a centralised nervous system and the only way they interact with the … Read more


How did we win the Imagine Cup?

Here are few of my views from our three year journey at Microsoft Imagine Cup. This is the post of mistakes we made during those years, how we learnt from them and steered clear of them.

Think of the start-up, not the project: We always dreamt big. We wanted to start the company with the project we’ve built for Imagine Cup. Infact, we never even planned to compete this time in 2013. We always focussed on the project with respect to kick-starting the company. We thought about people/consumers and customers who will use the product, thought about how will we make money in the real world, talked to few potential customers and users, done a few beta launches and got the feedback, iterated and pivoted the product few times before submitting it to Imagine Cup.

Hire best and diverse people around: We picked the best people who believed in the team. … Read more


Make people lazy, and you’ll be a millionaire.

Here’s one true fact about people : They love being lazy. How can you leverage that to make money? I say, there are tons of ways to do it! Well, If you haven’t looked at this world closely enough — Lets look at it right now.

Most of the inventions in this world just fit into these two categories :

1 — They make you lazy.

2 — They save your time. — At least few hours every week.

Lets look at Cars for example — If you want to go six blocks away — Most of us drive. We never walk or ride a bike when we know that will make us healthy. Surprise, surprise — General Motors, Ford, Hyundai — All of them make billions making cars. They make truck loads of money just by making products which makes people productive and saves their customers some time every … Read more